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Mansion in Valdosta, Georgia

Beam of light Welcomes You


Beam of Light Welcomes You

These are photos of just a couple of the places I have been over the years. I have been in all 48 states. Correction, make that I have been in 48 states; haven't been to Wyoming and Montana.

Valdosta County Court House

Valdosta, Georgia was one of the places we lived during my Air Force career. We were stationed at nearby Moody Air Force Base.

Portland Headlight, Portland, Maine

Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is located approximately 70 miles from our home in Rumford, Maine. It is one of many spectacular sights in Vacationland.

Great Falls...Lewiston, Maine Balloon Festival Balloon FestivalBalloon Festival Great Falls...Lewiston, Maine

The twin cities of Lewiston-Auburn, Maine is the site of an annual ballon festival. I believe this will be the 6th year. The skies over Great Falls are full of balloons of every shape and description. It's cool to see the larger ones filled and finally get airborne. We have been to the balloon festival every year since its inception. They also have a model railroad display that's pretty neat too.

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC THE WALL  Washington, DC THE WHITE HOUSE, Washington, DC

I retired from the United States Air Force after serving our country for over 23 years. In that time I never once got to Washington, DC. The closest I ever made it was a Temporary Duty Assignment to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Since my retirement I have been to the Nation's Capital on numerous occasions to visit our daughter Susan, who lives in nearby Falls Church, Virginia and plan my next visit in August. Here is a collection of photos taken there.

The Natural History Museum, Washington, DC Oriental Painting in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC Nurses Memorial, Washington, DC

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