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Acadia National Park


Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park

The background photo and all the photo shots were taken in Acadia National Park in Maine. Truly a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. The very first time that we ever drove the three hours from Rumford to Acadia we picked out a motel in Ellsworth called the White Birch motel. The motel sits on a hill above Ellsworth and the neatest thing about it that it has a golf course which is included as part of the reasonable cost of staying. Please Note that we didn't pick the motel for that reason as I didn't even have golf clubs with us and my wife wouldn't even want to play if she knew how. It was just a nice perk for the price of the room. Please note: The second time that we went to Acadia National Park though, it was the reason we chose the White Birch Motel because this time my mom and dad were along and the clubs were in the trunk. We never did take the clubs along with us again as we decided that was not the reason we were there. Acadia is so beautiful and there is never enough time to spend there without wasting hours on a round of golf.

Acadia National Park

My wife and my mom at Acadia

My mom and dad at Acadia
Acadia National Park


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